Ranch T-Boucly


Whirlwind Chip

Chip is a bay pinto mare born on June 26th 2004. She is 15 hands tall and registered with ABC (3315) and ICHO (1343-D). She has sociability flowing through her veins. She appreciates to be around people and will do everything she can to get your attention. She is a pleasant horse to ride that will appeal to anyone.

Quincy Pines

Quincy is a black pinto mare born on May 20th 1996. She is 14.1 hands tall and registered with American Paint Horse Association (372,712). She is trained for saddle and carriage. She is an outstanding broodmare, very maternal and protective of her foals. She is a docile and obedient mare. She is fun to ride in the woods as well as on the streets.